Custom Food Boxes

Custom Food Boxes

printing options for food boxes. We have a wide range of custom food boxes to choose from, and the quality of our packaging is excellent. We can provide custom printing to make your custom printed food boxes look unique and professional.

Product Boxes Hub is the leading company that provides the best perks in the industry, such as the fastest turnaround time, free shipping, and free sample. We are also known for our high-quality products and services.

Types of Food Boxes

At Product Boxes Hub, we provide the following types of food boxes for your products:

  • Burger Boxes
  • Beverage Boxes
  • Chinese Takeout Boxes
  • And much more

Product Boxes Hub Provides an Array of Materials for Food Boxes

Product Boxes Hub is a company that provides an array of materials for food boxes. We provide the best quality materials for your customized food boxes and ensure that their clients are satisfied with the results. Our materials are also eco-friendly and recyclable, making them a responsible choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Eco-Friendly Kraft Food Boxes

Kraft food boxes no minimum, are eco-friendly because they are made out of recycled paper. This is good for the environment because it reduces the amount of waste produced. It also helps conserve resources, which is important for the future of our planet. So, choose Kraft material if you’re looking for custom food packaging boxes.

Cardstock Food Boxes

Cardstock is a paper made up of a high percentage of cotton fibers. This makes the paper strong and durable. It’s also acid-free, which will not yellow or fade over time. 

This makes cardstock a good choice for food packaging, as it will protect the food from harmful chemicals and light.

Alluring Coatings Options for Food Boxes

Product Boxes Hub is a company that provides alluring coatings options for wholesale food boxes. Some of these options include matte, gloss, and satin. The company has provided quality services to its customers because of its team of experts. 

These experts have a wealth of experience in the industry, allowing the company to provide innovative services to its clients.

Matte Coating for Food Boxes

Matte coatings can be used on a variety of food packaging, including cardboard food boxes wholesale. They provide a number of benefits, such as: 

  •  Matte coatings for food boxes bulk can help to protect food from moisture and grease
  •  They can help to prevent the growth of bacteria
  •  Also, they can make it easier to clean food packaging
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  •  Lastly, they can make packaging more visually appealing.

Gloss Coating for Food Boxes

The benefits of gloss coating for food boxes are:

  •  Firstly, it makes the custom food boxes with the logo water-resistant, preventing water from seeping into the food and damaging it.
  •  Secondly, it makes the food boxes grease-resistant, preventing the grease from seeping into the food and damaging it.
  •  Lastly, it also gives the food boxes a shiny appearance, making them more aesthetically pleasing.

Avail Add-Ons That Elevate Sales for Food Boxes

The best way to elevate the sales of your custom catering boxes is to avail yourself of the option of add-ons that entice your customers. This could be done through spot UV, foiling, embossing, debossing, etc. You can also use different colors and textures to make your food boxes more appealing.

·        Spot UV

When it comes to custom-made food boxes, there are many different ways to make them more appealing to customers. One way is to add spot UV coatings. This can make the custom food box look more high-end and professional. It can also help to protect the food inside from being damaged. 

Additionally, spot UV coatings are a great way to make your food packaging box stand out from the competition.

·        Foiling

Foiling is a great way to keep food fresh and prevent it from getting wet. It also helps to protect food from pests. Foiling can be a beneficial add-on for food boxes, as it can help preserve the food and keep it fresh.

Product Boxes Hub – Years of Experience

Product Boxes Hub is the best because we provide free samplingfree shipping, and the fastest turnaround time. We understand that you need your products packaged quickly and efficiently, and we are here to help. Contact us today to get started!

Why Should You Buy Food Boxes From Product Boxes Hub?

At Product Boxes Hub, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We have worked hard to create a process that is simple and easy for our customers

  • We have a wide variety of personalized takeout boxes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.
  • Product Boxes Hub uses high-quality materials in all of our products, so you can be sure they will last.
  • Our prices are competitive to get the best value for your money.

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